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Duncanville School Year 2021/2022

WebQuery helps you determine the schools a student is eligible to attend and the available bus stops. WebQuery also provides a helpful street map. Just enter the student's information and click "Go."

WebQuery helps you match your typed in address with an address in the database by allowing you to enter a partial street name. For example, you could enter "2555 Lex" to match "2555 Lexington Ave N"

Please note that all stop times are estimates only. Times are affected by traffic conditions, the loading and unloading of students and even by the number of students riding each day. Parents should plan for a 10-minute window of time before and after the estimated stop time.

Special needs contact Transportation at 972-708-2282

If a student attends the Health Science Program at Byrd MS or the Business Technology Program at Reed MS, ride your regular Bus to your home School Campus. Once there you will catch the Shuttle bus to your Program's School.

Route are subject to change. Please check back regularly.

New Scholars will be added within three days of enrollment.

New Special Needs Scholars may be added within five Business Days of Enrollment.

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